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Long ago the land of Entheos was a place of incredible magical power, artifacts, and kingdoms living in an age of prosperity. One thousand years ago a war waged in a battle of law versus chaos. The righteous kingdoms of the land were united under the banner of Tyr, god of law and justice against Talos, The Destroyer.  On the verge of defeat Talos sent a shower of meteors to destroy the kingdoms who dared to wage war against him, destroying them and almost all civilization in the lands, leading to a new age of chaos.

Now, over the past few millenia, the world has rebuilt itself and various kingdoms vie for power, whether for Law or Chaos, and the future cannot be seen…

Many cities, civilizations, and magical artifacts have been buried or abandoned and lost to the ages, waiting for daring adventurers to discover what mysteries and treasures they hold….

The Orcs control the north and are marching on the South.  The Orcs will slay all holy magic users and with kidnap arcane magic users in order to have them study old magic that they have dug up in the mountains. 



Home Page

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